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For students who have taken classes with ELAC Community Services before a profile has already been created; please contact our office at (323) 265-8793 for login and password information.

 What's the difference between "Student Profile" and "Household Profile"?
Create a Student Profile if you are registering as an individual, and won't be registering for anyone else in the future.
Create a Household Profile If you are signing your children up for classes, or if you are registering yourself and other family members (adults or children) in classes.  A good rule of thumb is: If you may one day wish to register another family member for classes, create a Household Profile.
Note: When signing your children up for classes, create the Household profile with your name and contact information first, then add your children by clicking "add youth member to household" then entering their information.  Don't forget to add information for all of your children before beginning the registration process.

When adding a class to your shopping cart, please make sure the name of the student taking the class is selected.


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